How to Repair a Hatch Motor Fuse on a 1984 Chevrolet Camaro

All of the fuses within the fuse panel on your Camaro at some point will have to be replaced. Other than natural wear and tear, a blown hatch motor fuse most often happens from a short circuit. This could have occurred if you recently replaced the hatch motor and failed to properly cut the power to the motor before unplugging its wiring harness. You can replace the blown hatch motor fuse on the Camaro right at home with a few simple tools. The repair should take you 10 minutes to do.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, Electric tape, Fuse puller, Needle-nosed pliers, 3/8-inch drive torque wrench

Repair a Hatch Motor Fuse

Open the driver's door on your Camaro and pull the hood release lever. Raise and support the hood then locate your car's battery.

Remove the negative battery cable from its post with a socket wrench. Wrap electrical tape around the metal terminal at the end of the cable then position the cable away from the battery. The negative post on the battery is easily identified by the minus "-" sign on top of the battery case.

Locate the fuse panel in the interior of the car. It should mount just under the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel.

Remove the fuse panel cover by popping it out of place. Observe the fuses in the cluster. Below each of the fuses, you should see some small print that indicates what each fuse powers. Each of the fuses also has a small number on top of them that tells what amperage the fuse holds. Look for a blue fuse with the number 15 on top of it. The small print below the fuse should read "LID." This is the hatch motor fuse for the Camaro.

Use the supplied fuse pullers or a pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull the fuse straight out of its mounting position. Install the new fuse in reverse then put the fuse panel cover back over the cluster. You must replace the fuse with another 15 amp fuse, no higher or lower amperage will do.

Remove and discard the electrical tape that you used to wrap the negative cable's terminal. Connect the negative battery cable back to its post and tighten the cable's securing bolt by hand until snug. Set your 3/8-inch drive torque wrench to 12 foot-lbs. and completely secure the terminal to the battery. Shut the hood and test out the Camaro's hatch motor to see if it functions correctly.

Tips & Warnings

Although replacing a blown hatch motor fuse in your Camaro is a simple procedure, you should never attempt to do so without first removing the negative battery cable. Every time that a fuse is installed or removed a small current jump occurs. The same thing happens when you plug and unplug the hatch motor's wiring harness. If you don't disconnect the negative battery cable, you could receive a powerful electrical shock. You also risk damaging other electrical components on the car. Attempting to replace the 15 amp fuse with a higher amperage fuse may cause a fire as well.

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