How to Reset the FOB Remote Starter Key

If you have recently changed the battery of your fob remote car starter or if it has ceased to work it may have fallen out of sync and needs to be reset or reprogrammed. Depending on the type of car you own and the type of fob remote car start you have, this process may vary. If the general reprogramming instructions don't work for you, try the suggested troubleshooting options to resume enjoying the convenience of this technology.

Reset a Fob Remote Car Starter

Step 1 - Gather all of the fob remote car starters for your car, unless you only have one. Get into the driver seat of your car and ensure that all doors are properly closed.

Step 2 - Insert your key into the ignition turn it to the "On" position — right before actually starting the car, the lights should turn on. Press and hold the "Lock" button on your fob remote car starter for one second. Turn your key to the "Off" position — the car lights should turn off. Do this within five seconds of turning the key to the "On" position and don't remove the key once you've turned it to the "Off" position.

Step 3 - Repeat step two three more times, for a total of four cycles. On the fourth cycle, the locks should make a noise when you turn the key to the "On" position, signaling the remote fob has entered programing mode. Press and hold the "Lock" button on the key in the ignition and on any additional fob remote car starters you may have. Turn the key to the "Off" position. Do this within ten seconds of turning the key to the "On" position for the fourth time.

Remove the key from the ignition. Step out of the car, shut the door and test your fob remote car starter to check if it has been reset. Repeat the process, if necessary, but if it continues to fail try the troubleshooting options.


Step 1 - Check your fob remote car starter's battery. Replace it if your not sure if it's working and test the remote. If the battery is not the issue, proceed with the next steps.

Step 2 - Consult your fob remote car starter's instruction manual. If you have lost it, go to Program Your Remote's website. Here, you'll find a repository of hundreds of fob remote car starter instruction manuals free for you to consult. Browse the website for an exact match to your remote, the model you own may have very specific resetting instructions.

Step 3 - Check your car's owner's manual. If you have misplaced it, go to the Owner's Manual Source website. Here you can find hundreds of owner's manuals. There is a chance you'll be able to find resetting instructions for your car remote there.

Call your dealership and ask them for instructions on how to reset your fob remote car starter over the phone. They may ask you to bring the car in for a service call, in which they will reset the car remote for you. Some car remotes are manufactured in such a way that only the dealers can reset them. Prepare for a service charge.

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