1986 Toyota Window Crank Removal Instructions

A Toyota's window crank manually moves a car window up and down and is held onto the door by a metal "C" clip. While parts of the engine and the dash display evolve from year to year, a Toyota's window has stayed the same in function. To remove the crank, you will need to displace the "C" clip. You will need to do this for two likely reasons: either you want to replace the clip or need to perform a task that requires removing the Toyota's door panel. Whatever the reason, the crank can come off in seconds.

Tools Used: Cotton rag, Crank remover or flat head screwdriver

Remove Window Crank

The Rag Method

Grab a clean shop rag with two hands and pull it taut.

Slide the rag between the crank and the Toyota's door panel.

Pull the rag towards the center of the window crank.

Move the rag back and forth, in a sawing motion. The rag will eventually catch onto an end of the "C" clip and dislodge it.

Pull the crank off the door, if it has not dropped off. Collect the "C" clip, too. Save both for later re-use.

The Tool Method

Take a window crank removal tool and slide between the crank's base and the Toyota's door. If you can't find a crank removal tool, you can use a flat head screw driver.

Push the tool as far under the crank's base as you can. The crank should pop off.

Insert the tool from different angles. Eventually, it will displace the "C" clip and the crank will pop off.

Remove the window crank from the Toyota's door.

Remove the "C" clip. Set both it and the crank aside for later re-use.

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