How to Change the Tires on a 1986 Honda CH250

The CH250 is a type of motorized scooter that was produced by Honda in the 1980s. The original tires for the 1986 Honda CH250 were meant to travel at a maximum speed of just over 60 mph and could support weight of up to about 550 pounds. As with most scooter and motorcycles, the tires are smaller and easier to change than standard automobile tires.

Tools Used: Wrench, Tire iron, Spare tires

Change Tires

Use a wrench to remove the wheel nuts that keep the CH250's wheel in place, along with the accompanying washers. Set the nuts and washers aside in a safe place, and then remove the tire from the rim.

Let the air out of the tire by pressing on the air valve with one finger, and then remove the nut from the valve stem.

Hold the tire in place on the ground, and then pull the CH250's rim toward you to remove it from the tire. Use a tire iron to pry the rim out of place, if needed.

Place the rim inside the new front tire, using the tire iron to pull the tire over the rim, if needed. Make sure that the valve slips into the valve hole on the tire and that it protrudes from the tire.

Replace the washers and nuts that you removed from the tire earlier. Then check the tire pressure to make sure it is within the range specified on the tire's sidewall.

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