How to Connect an Ignition Coil on a 1986 Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude was Honda's first attempt at producing a fun-handling car. The company's leading edge technology went into the Prelude; it was also the car that Honda used for testing their four-wheel steering system. The first Prelude debuted in 1979. The model was produced through 2000, at which time it was considered to be one of the best handling cars in the industry. The 1986 model of the Honda Prelude uses a singular coil, and there are many upgrade performance coils available for the 1986 Prelude.

Tools Used: Ratchet, 10 mm socket

Connect Ignition Coil

Locate the coil wire in the distributor cap. The coil has four plug wires in parallel spark towers. The coil tower is the only one located perpendicular to the cap. Follow the coil wire to the coil -- the coil can be located either on the valve cover or the driver's side fenderwell.

Pull the coil wire out of the coil's tower. Make a note or mark the wire connector's position on the coil and unplug the positive and negative wires from the coil. Remove the two 10 mm bolts in the coil housing that secure the coil to the vehicle.

Install the new coil and tighten the two bolts. Install the electrical connectors in their original positions, with the positive to the positive and negative to the negative terminals. Install the coil wire by pushing it all the way into the coil tower.

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