1982-1992 Chevrolet Camaro Make Parking Brake Adjustments

Make easy adjustments to your hand parking brake on an older model Chevy Camaro. Follow these instructions for a Chevy Camaro that has drum brakes as opposed to rear disc brakes. Some models do not have a parking brake. Use this for Chevy Camaro model years 1988 or older. Chevy Camaro model years 1982 to 1992 that have disc brakes are self-adjusting and you cannot manually adjust them.

Tools Used: Wrench or pliers, Jack, Jack stands

Make Parking Brake Adjustments

Pull up on the hand brake lever so that it clicks two times. Locate the hand brake lever on the inside of the car between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat.

Jack up you car with the jack and support both rear wheels with jack stands.

Locate the brake cables that come from each of the rear wheels underneath the car. Tighten the cable nut where the two cables meet with a wrench or pliers. Do this until you cannot move the left rear tire forward, but you can move it freely backwards.

Release the hand parking brake and push in on the button on the end, pull up on the hand brake slightly and then push the hand brake to the floor of the console.

Move both rear wheels forwards and backwards freely from underneath the car.

Lower your Chevy Camaro with the jack and remove the jack stands from each rear wheel.

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