1987 GMC Sierra Pickup Altezza Style Tail Lights Installation

Altezza tail lights, also known as "Euro" or "Lexus" lights, are distinguishable from normal tail lights because of their clear, acrylic plastic cover. First introduced in 1998 on the Lexus IS, known as the Toyota Altezza in Japan, Altezza tail lights have become a popular aftermarket customization feature for several vehicles. If your Altezza assembly does not come with bulbs, you can use the bulbs from your old tail lamp assembly.

Tools Used: Phillips screwdriver, Replacement Altezza tail light assembly

Install Altezza Style Tail Lights

Turn off the engine of the Sierra and open the tailgate. On the back of each of the tail light assemblies are two screws. Remove the screws in order to access the tail light assembly.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the rear of the tail light assembly by squeezing the connector's tabs and pulling out. Remove the entire tail light assembly from the vehicle. The tail light assembly is the plastic housing of the tail lights containing all the bulbs and wires.

Place the replacement Altezza tail light assembly into the vehicle. Plug the electrical connector into the rear of the Altezza tail light assebly. If the replacement assembly has no bulbs, pull all three bulbs out from the old assembly and place them into their corresponding slots in the new assembly.

Reinstall the two screws in order to secure the Altezza assembly. Repeat the procedure for the remaining tail light. Close the Sierra's liftgate.

Tips & Warnings

Do not touch the bulb's glassy surface; your fingerprints can ruin them.

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