How to Adjust the Cruise Control on a 1986 Dodge pickup

The cruise control on your 1986 Dodge pickup operates by relying on a combination of electrical and mechanical components. The control unit itself is located on the throttle body of the engine and is regulated by a vacuum line that holds the throttle at a constant position. The cruise control is adjusted by using three buttons, which are located on the directional signal activation lever, on the left side of the steering column. A three-way switch can be set to "off," "on" and "set" functions, while two other buttons control the acceleration and deceleration modes.

This process does not require tools.

Adjust Cruise Control

Side the three-way selector switch on the cruise control to the "on" (middle) position.

Push the accelerator (gas pedal) down until you attain the desired speed.

Slide the three-way selector switch to the "Set" position -- all the way to right -- and then release the button. The button will spring back to the "On" setting and the vehicle will maintain the selected speed until you turn the turn off cruise control step on the brake, which turns off cruise control automatically.

Push the "Accelerate/Resume" button to the right and hold to increase speed. Release when the desired speed is achieved. If the brake was used, push the "Accelerate/Resume" button all the way to the right and immediately release to reset the control to the previously set speed.

Press the button marked "Coast," located on the end of the turn signal activation lever, to decelerate. Release the button when the desired speed is reached.

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