How to Replace the Window Motor on a 1986 Ford Bronco

Power window motors have been around since the 1970s and haven't changed much in that time. While the window motor in a 1986 Ford Bronco might be an old design, it's really not much different from a motor in any other power window system. The Bronco's motor supplies the mechanical power to move the window regulator, which moves the window glass. Anyone with basic auto repair skills can replace a 1986 Ford Bronco's window motor in about an hour or less.

Tools Used: Trim tool, Phillips screwdriver, Packing tape, Socket set

Replace Window Motor

Pry the window switch out of the Bronco's door panel with your trim tool. Unplug the switch from the wiring harness and set it aside.

Remove the screws from the door panel with your Phillips screwdriver. Pry the door panel away from the door with your trim tool. Trims pins hold the panel to the door and you will need to pry each one out individually.

Lift the door panel upward about an inch and then pull it off the door by hand. Push the window glass as high as it will go and then tape it to the top of the window frame with the packing tape to prevent it from falling on you when you disconnect the motor.

Remove the wiring connector from the base of the window motor by hand. Unbolt the Bronco's window motor from the regulator and support bracket with the socket set.

Pull the old motor out of the Bronco's door and insert the new one. Bolt the new window motor to the window regulator and support bracket with your socket set.

Plug the wiring into the Bronco's new window motor. Reinstall the door panel by reversing your removal steps.

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