How to Change the Oil on a 1980 Kawasaki KZ750

Kawasaki's KZ750 was introduced in 1976 with a 745 cc parallel twin-cylinder motor. By 1980, the KZ750 was available with a four-cylinder motor in addition to the original twin. Although there are some differences in the basic maintenance routines required by either motor, changing the motorcycle's oil and oil filter regularly is still an important process performed every 3,000 miles. Neglecting these oil changes for too long will cause to the oil to break down and create excessive friction within the motor; as a result, the motor's internal parts wear to the point of failure.

Tools Used: Sockets, 10- and 17-mm, Socket wrench, Phillip screwdriver, Oil pan, Drain plug crush washer, Shop towel, Oil filter cover sealing O-ring, Oil filter, Funnel, SE class SAE 10W40 motor oil, 4 quarts

Change Oil

Unscrew the acorn nuts from the left front foot peg's mounting bracket with a 17-mm socket and a socket wrench. Pull the bracket away from your KZ750's frame to access the sprocket cover on the left side of the motor's crankcase. Unscrew the shifter lever's pinch bolt with a 10-mm socket and then pull the lever off the shifter shaft. Unscrew the sprocket cover's bolts with a Phillips screwdriver and then pull the cover away from the motor to reveal the oil filter cover. This step only applies to two-cylinder KZ750 models.

Lift your KZ750 onto its center stand and start its motor. Allow the motorcycle to idle for a maximum of five minutes and then stop the motor and let it cool for another ten minutes.

Place an oil pan beneath the motor. Unscrew the crankcase drain plug with a 17-mm socket and drain the motor's oil into your oil pan. Two-cylinder models place the drain plug directly beneath the center of the crankcase, while four-cylinder models place the drain plug on the bottom left edge of the crankcase.

Clean the drain plug with a shop towel and replace its copper crush washer with a new washer. Screw the drain plug into the motor by hand and then tighten it to 22 foot-pounds with a torque wrench.

Unscrew the bolt from the center of the oil filter cover, located on the left side of a two-cylinder motor or on the bottom of a four-cylinder motor's crankcase, using a 14-mm socket. Pull the cover away from the motor and drain the oil remaining in the oil pump into your oil pan. Pull the old oil filter, the oil filter bolt's spring and washer out of the motor.

Check the oil filter cover's sealing O-ring for cracks or tears. Replace the O-ring if there is any sign of damage or wear. Place a new oil filter into the motor. Slip the oil filter bolt through the center of the oil filter cover and then slide the bolt's spring and washer over the end of the bolt. Reinstall the oil filter cover onto the motor and tighten the oil filter cover's bolt to 16 foot-pounds with a 14-mm socket and a torque wrench.

Unscrew the oil filler cap from the right side of the motor and place a funnel into the filler neck. Pour up to four quarts of SE class SAE 10W40 motor oil into the motor and then screw the filler cap into place.

Reinstall the sprocket cover and tighten its bolts with your Phillips screwdriver. Slip the shifter lever over the shifter shaft and tighten the lever's pinch bolt with your 10-mm socket. Push the left front foot peg bracket over the frame's mounting studs. Screw the acorn nuts into place over the bracket with your 17-mm socket. This step only applies to two-cylinder KZ750 models.

Tips & Warnings

Always dispose of used oil properly. Many auto parts supply stores provide this service free of charge. Put oil into plastic containers and drop off at a recycling center.

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