How to Change the Oil on a 1982 Honda Nighthawk 750

Honda as well as motorcycle mechanics alike recommend that motorcycle oil be changed every 4,000 miles. Honda aficionados agree that if the oil is kept clean, the 750 Nighthawk will run forever. It has a very dependable engine and is extremely well balanced, with a 65 horsepower rating at 7,000 RPM. The filter should also be changed at each oil change.

Tools Used: Drip pan, Oil filter wrench, Set of wrenches, Clean rag, 4 quarts of oil (4 stroke 10w40), Oil filter, Common screwdriver

Change the Oil

Place a drip pan under the bottom center of the engine to catch the oil. Remove the large oil drain plug nut under the engine's midsection, using the appropriate-sized wrench. Allow the oil to drain into the drip pan for 15 minutes.

Replace the drain plug and tighten it with the wrench.

Wipe the bottom of the engine clean of any residue from the oil. Move the drain pan forward and place it under the oil filter on the front lower section of the engine.

Remove the oil filter with the oil filter removal wrench. Coat the new filter O-ring with a small quantity of oil. Install the new filter and hand-tighten it.

Remove the oil filler plug on the left-hand side case with a large screwdriver. Fill the engine with 3.1 quarts of oil, replace the filler plug and tighten.

Tips & Warnings

Dispose of the oil properly. You can dispose of the oil at most auto parts stores.

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