How to Change the Oil Pump on a 1985 Ford Ranger

Oil lubricates the metal parts that are moving rapidly inside your engine and is pushed through the engine by the oil pump. When the oil pump malfunctions, the oil can pool in recessed areas of the engine, overheat and turn into a thick sludge. The sludge then can make its way into moving parts and block the flow of the thinner oil. This could cause the pistons to seize up and severely damage the engine. You can remove and replace the oil pump at home to save on labor costs and parts, which can be purchased at dealership or auto parts store.

Tools Used: Drip pan, Oil filter wrench, Ratchet set, Wrench set, Clean engine oil, Replacement oil filter, Replacement oil pump, Replacement oil pump gaskets

Change the Oil Pump

Park the Ranger on a level surface and place a drip pan underneath the oil plug. Remove the oil plug and the crankcase cap and allow the oil to drain from the engine. Change the oil when you replace the oil pump.

Remove the oil filter with a filter wrench by turning the filter counterclockwise. Locate the oil pump at the top of the engine. The pump is a small box-shaped part secured to the engine with bolts.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and set it aside, making sure it does not contact metal or the frame of your Ranger. Remove the restraining bolts from the oil pump with the ratchet and lift it off of the shaft assembly. Do not allow the oil pump's rubber or plastic gaskets to drop into the engine.

Remove the oil pan assembly from the bottom of the Ranger. Remove the tube assembly from the oil pump.

Pour clean engine oil into the ports of the new oil pump. Rotate the pump so that all parts of the interior of the pump receive coatings of oil; this will "prime" the pump so that it doesn't run dry before oil reaches it. Replace the gaskets with new ones and apply a few drops of engine oil to help the seal. Place the new pump onto the shaft assembly and rotate the pump until it fits the tube assembly inlet from which you removed the old one. Connect the bolts you removed earlier.

Replace the oil plug and screw tightly. Replace the oil filter with a new one and connect the hoses securing the filter to the oil line. Fill the crankcase with new engine oil. Reconnect the negative battery cable and start your Ford Ranger to test the new oil pump.

Tips & Warnings

Consult the manual for your model of Ford Ranger. For diesel engines, the procedure for changing the oil pump is slightly different. Some models of the diesel Ranger require the removal of the cooling fan, water pump assembly and other parts to get to the oil pump.

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