How to Change the Tires on a 1986 Honda CN250

The CN250 -- or, to use its more common name, the "Helix" -- is a small single-seat scooter manufactured by Honda beginning in 1986. The popularity of this little scooter was so great that it is still in production in several parts of Japan. Of course, like all motor vehicles, you're eventually going to find yourself needing to replace one or both tires on the Helix. The front tire is fairly simple to remove, but removing the rear wheel is a more complicated process.

Tools Used: Flat-head Screwdriver, Motorcycle jack, Ratchet and socket set

Change Tires

Changing the Front Tire

Use your motorcycle jack to raise the CN250's front tire off the ground.

Use your flathead screwdriver to loosen and remove the speedometer cable screw, then pull the cable completely out of its setting.

Use your ratchet and socket set to loosen and remove the axle nut.

Pull the axle away from the front tire, then remove the wheel from the CN250.

Remove the side collar from the tire by lifting straight up and off, then place it on the new tire.

Place the axle on the new tire in the same position as it was on the old tire, then place the assembly back on the front of the Helix and tighten it with the axle bolt.

Replace the speedometer cable and tighten it with the screw you removed earlier.

Changing the rear tire

Use your ratchet and socket set to remove the bolt at the back of the scooter's seat, remove the seat from the Helix. Raise the back of the scooter off the ground with your motorcycle jack.

Loosen and remove the muffler clamp bolts, then do the same for the four muffler mounting bolts on the left side of the scooter.

Remove the muffler from the scooter and set it aside.

Loosen and remove the right rear shock absorber mounting bolts -- there are two sets, one at the top of the shock absorber and one at the bottom -- then pull the absorber away from the scooter.

Use your ratchet and sockets to loosen and remove the rear axle nut, then pull away the first collar and the swingarm, then the second collar. This will allow you to pull the wheel away from the scooter.

Place the new tire in the space vacated by the old tire, then replace all the collars and axle parts in the reverse of the removal. Tighten down the axle nut when you are finished.

Replace and secure the shock absorber, muffler, and seat in that order.

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