How to Install a Rear Wheel Bearing on a 1986 Mercedes 300

The rear wheel bearings in your 1986 Mercedes 300 are vital in ensuring your vehicle's wheels are able to perform correctly and rotate smoothly. Damaged rear wheel bearings can affect the stability of your wheels as well as their grip on the road. They can also cause damage to the wheel hub and suspension if not repaired in a timely manner. If you notice a grinding sound coming from your wheels, it is an indication that you need to replace your rear wheel bearings.

Tools Used: Car jack, Jack stand, Lug wrench, Wrench set, Rubber mallet (optional), Replacement wheel bearings

Install a Rear Wheel Bearing

Place the jack underneath your Mercedes at a support point close to the rear wheel. Raise the vehicle off the ground. Place a jack stand underneath the frame of the vehicle and lower the vehicle onto it.

Loosen and remove the lug bolts on the rear wheel using a lug wrench. Pull the wheel away from the vehicle and place in a safe area. Take care not to damage the tire on the wheel.

Locate the brake caliper inside the wheel arch. Use a wrench to remove the mounting bolts attached to the caliper. Lift the caliper out of its bracket and move it to one side. Support the caliper by resting it on a wooden block on the side of the caliper bracket. This will help prevent damaging the brake line or leaking brake fluid.

Remove the retaining nut which is on the rear of the rotor. Place the nut to one side and slide the rotor away from the wheel assembly. Remove the mounting bolts attached to the wheel hub. Move the hub back and forth until it comes free from the rear wheel assembly. Use a rubber mallet to tap it free if it is tough to remove.

Pull the inner and outer wheel bearings from the wheel hub. Roll the bearings over a smooth surface to check for holes or grooves within the bearings. If any are present then you need to replace the bearings. Place the new bearings into the wheel hub. Press them firmly and securely in place. Lift the wheel hub back onto the rear wheel assembly and attach it with the mounting bolts previously removed.

Reattach the rest of the wheel assembly by following the removal steps in reverse order. Raise the vehicle, remove the jack stand, and lower the vehicle to the ground. Test drive the Mercedes to make sure the new bearings are working correctly.

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