How to Program the Key for a Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper offers standard keyless-entry remotes for each vehicle. The keyless-entry system allows Mini Cooper owners to use the key fob to lock, unlock and release the trunk on your vehicle from a distance. Your Mini comes standard with two, programmed keyless-entry remotes. If you find yourself in a situation where you need additional keys, you will need to program them to work with your Mini.

Step 1 - Insert your key in the ignition of your Mini Cooper. Turn the key until the interior dashboard lights turn on.

Step 2 - Remove the key from the ignition, but do not turn the key to the "off" position. Push the "Unlock" button on your car-key remote. Hold it down.

Step 3 - Push the "Lock" button three times. Release the "Unlock" button at the same time you release the "Lock" button for the third time. Repeat the process if you have a second key to program. You must do this within 30 seconds of programming the first key.

Insert your key back into the ignition and turn off your car. Your keys are now programmed.

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