How to Remove the Rear Window on a 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is a very popular sports car manufactured by Chevrolet from 1952 to present. You can remove the rear window from your 1981 Corvette right from home without any mechanical experience. You do need a helper to do this job and about an hour of your time. Take care when removing a cracked or chipped rear window because it could shatter and cut you.

Tools Used: Wrench, Razor knife, Pillows and blankets, Work gloves, Helper wearing work gloves

Remove the Rear Window

Pop the hood and remove the negative battery cable with a wrench.

Stand outside the vehicle at the rear next to the back window. Insert a razor knife into the urethane next to the glass. Cut in a sawing motion all the way around the rear window.

Place pillows and blankets on the rear trunk of the Corvette to cushion the glass in case it falls.

Get in the back seat of the Corvette and put on work gloves. Push the rear window outward while your helper catches it from outside the vehicle. Carefully remove it from the vehicle.

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