How to Remove the Windshield on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird

You can remove the windshield on your 1986 Firebird right from your home garage to save yourself some money. You just need a few tools that you can purchase from any auto parts retailer. Make sure to remove and replace any windshield that has a crack in it that is more than six inches long. If your Firebird rolls over, the windshield helps to keep the driver and passengers safe. If the windshield has a crack in it, it could shatter, thereby compromising the integrity of the vehicle.

Tools Used: Wrench, Gloves, Pry tool, Wire kit, Utility knife

Remove Windshield

Take off the nut from the windshield wipers and remove the wipers. Set both nuts and wipers aside for later reinstallation.

Put on thick work gloves to protect your hands from glass and sharp tools.

Pry around the entire rubber seal using a pry tool. Pull the seal away from the windshield the rest of the way using your hands. Discard the rubber seal.

Slide the windshield wire under the windshield and around it to break the urethane seal. Push out the Firebird's windshield from inside the vehicle.

Exit the vehicle and remove the windshield from the front of the Firebird. Salvage or discard it.

Scrape away the urethane bead from the Pontiac's windshield opening using a utility knife. Be careful not to scrape the paint.

Tips & Warnings

Ask a friend to catch the windshield from the front of the car while you push it out from the inside.

Don't damage the trim because it can be costly to replace.

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