How to Change the Trunk Lift Supports on a 1986 Toyota Celica

The Toyota Celica is a sporty two-door sedan that was produced from 1970 to 2006. The Celica used an in-line four-cylinder engine and was available with automatic or standard transmission. In addition to the sedan body style, the Celica was also available in lift-back and convertible body styles. The trunk lid uses a gas-charged support to hold up the lid. Over time, the support will wear out and no longer hold up the lid, requiring replacement.

Tools Used: An assistant, Wrench set

Change the Trunk Lift Supports

Park the Celica on a firm level surface, and set the parking brake.

Open the trunk lid. Have an assistant support the lid in the open position.

Use a wrench to loosen the upper retaining bolt on the support. Don't remove it yet. Look between the black ball-shaped fitting on the end of the support in the trunk lid; you will see the head of the retaining bolt.

Use a wrench to remove the lower retaining bolt. You'll see the head of the bolt between the black ball sitting on the bottom of the support and the mounting bracket. Move back to the top of the support, and finish removing the bolt.

Install the new support, and insert and tighten the lower retaining bolt. Insert and tighten the upper retaining bolt.

Repeat steps 3 through 5 on the other support.

Tips & Warnings

If you don't have an assistant to help you, you can use a wooden stick like an old broom handle to hold open the trunk lid.

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