How to Replace an Air Filter on a 1985 Honda Shadow

The 1985 Honda Shadow is a cruiser-style motorcycle with a few different engine sizes. The air filter on each of the 1985 Shadows located under the seat toward the rear of the motorcycle. The air filter rests inside a square box; you simply pull it out of the box. The replacement air filter will need to be the specific air filter for your particular Honda Shadow. No major tools are necessary to accomplish this job, and it should take only five minutes to complete.

Tools Used: Phillips-head screwdriver, New air filter (model-specific)

Replace Air Filter

Park your 1985 Honda Shadow in a well-lit work area and remove the retaining screws from the right and left rear portion of the seat using a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Push the seat forward and lift up on the front of the seat to remove the seat from the frame of the motorcycle. Look inside the compartment under the seat and locate the air filter.

Pull the air filter out of the air filter box. Insert the new air filter into the air box. Replace the seat to the frame. Replace the retaining screws to the right and left rear of the seat. Tighten the screws using the Phillips-head screwdriver.

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