How to Replace a Fuel Pump on a 1987 Dodge Aries

The 1981 to 1982 Dodge Aries gas tank is 13 gallons and bolts between the rear seat and the trunk under the vehicle. The Dodge Aries has an access panel, which is not often found on vehicles, below the rear seat to prevent the need to remove the gas tank from the vehicle. This eliminates a huge amount of work when replacing a broken fuel pump.

Tools Used: Screwdriver, Rubber mallet

Replace a Fuel Pump

Pull up on the back of the seat cushion to pull the seat free of the clips that secure it to the floor pan. Remove the seat from the Dodge Aries.

Locate the metal cover plate hidden under the seat and remove the screws that secure it to the floor pan.

Place a screwdriver against the fuel pump lock ring. Strike the screwdriver with a rubber mallet and turn the ring counterclockwise until the ring breaks free from the gas tank.

Pull the ring off the fuel tank. The fuel pickup tube and the fuel pump attach to the ring.

Unplug the fuel pump wiring harness from the bottom of the lock ring.

Spread the retaining clips that secure the fuel pump to the pickup tube and remove the fuel pump.

Snap the new fuel pump onto the pickup tube and plug the wiring harness into the bottom side of the lock ring.

Place the lock ring onto the top of the gas tank and turn the lock ring clockwise to secure it to the tank.

Place the cover back onto the floor pan and secure it using the screws and screwdriver.

Place the seat back into the Aries and press on each corner to force the retaining clips into the floor pan.

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