How to Change the Fuel Pump on a 1987 Chevrolet S-10

On a 1987 Chevrolet S-10 the electric fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. To replace the fuel pump you must remove the fuel tank, which is located on the driver's side under the S-10. Before you replace the fuel pump, check the fuse and fuel pump relay. Also check the wiring harness that runs from under the dash to the fuel pump to see if there is current to the fuel pump.

Tools Used: Suction hose, Wrench set, Small brass punch, Socket and ratchet set, Jack, Jack stands, Punch and hammer, Piece of plywood, Chalk (if necessary), Wire brush

Change the Fuel Pump

Take off the negative (-) cable end and lay it away from the battery. On the fuel rail, which is located under the hood near the fuel injector on the top of the engine, you will find a relief valve. Remove the cap on the relief valve on the fuel rail using a small brass punch. Stick it in the top of the valve and push the valve core in and release the pressure. Remove the fuel-fill cap from the tank. The fuel cap is located in the fuel door on the driver's side of the truck.

Take out as much of the fuel as you can using a suction hose. The suction hose is a long hose that runs down into the gas tank. It has a pump ball about four feet from the end. The end of the hose that is not in the gas tank is the other end that goes in a storage can. Pump the ball until the fuel into the storage can. Find a level spot and jack the rear of your Chevrolet S-10 up. Place jack stands under the rear axle. Most fuel tanks have a rock shield; if so equipped, take the bolts out and remove the shield.

Unscrew the hose clamps from the filler hose and vent hose, which are located on the top of the tank and remove both hoses. Remove the evap hose at the evap canister. Remove the fuel line hose and clamps at the fuel tank using a flat head screw driver.

Put a piece of plywood top of the jack between the jack and the bottom of the fuel tank, and raise the jack up under the fuel tank. Take out the strap bolts, which are located at the end of the straps bolted to a bracket on the frame, using a socket and ratchet. The fuel pump is located in the top of the tank. Lower the tank and take the electrical plug off the fuel pump module. Slide the tank from under the vehicle.

Mark the fuel pump assembly the way it mounts in the tank, if necessary, using a piece of chalk. (Most fuel pumps have a line-up tab.) Unscrew the retainer ring using a pair of channel locks. The channel locks may not grab the ring enough to turn it; if this is the case, tap around the retainer ring counterclockwise to remove it, using a brass punch and hammer. Take the fuel pump assembly out of the tank.

Check the new assembly to be sure it matches the old assembly. Be sure they look exactly the same. Clean the place where the o-ring goes with a cloth and replace it with a new o-ring in the groove at the top of the tank. Replace the new fuel pump assembly making sure the line-up tab or chalk mark is correct. Put the retainer ring in place and turn with the channel locks until it is tight.

Jack the fuel tank up in place and plug in the electrical wiring harness. Replace the retainer straps and bolts. Replace the filler neck, vent the hose evap line and fuel-line hose, and tighten all clamps.

Place the rock shield in place, replace the bolts and tighten. Jack your Chevrolet S-10 up, remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle.

Replace the cap on the valve of the fuel rail valve. Clean the battery negative (-) post and cable end with a wire brush. Connect the battery.

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