How to Replace the Housing on an Aveo Thermostat

The Chevrolet Aveo is an inexpensive small car that was introduced in 2004. Several Aveo owners have complained about faulty thermostat housings; the housings are made of plastic, rather than aluminum, which may contribute to their failure. Replacing the thermostat housing in a Chevy Aveo isn't too difficult. It's located in the front of the engine bay, so it's fairly easy to access. This tutorial is specific to 2004 to 2005 Aveos; however, newer models have the same 1.6L engine, so the process should be similar.

Step 1 - Park your Aveo on flat, level ground, preferably concrete or asphalt. Open the hood and unhook the negative battery cable using the pliers. Let the engine cool off for about 45 minutes.

Step 2 - Use the socket wrench to remove the bolts from the under-engine brush guard to access the radiator drain plug. Pull the brush guard away with your hands, and set it aside. Place a drain pan or container underneath the radiator.

Step 3 - Remove the plastic cap from the coolant reservoir (not the radiator) to help the coolant drain faster. Unscrew the engine coolant drain plug with the flat-head screwdriver. Let the coolant drain into the pan for about 30 minutes.

Step 4 - Trace the upper radiator hose toward the engine to find the thermostat housing. Loosen the clamps from the upper radiator hose, using the pliers, and slide it away from the thermostat housing.

Step 5 - Use the socket wrench to loosen the two bolts from the thermostat housing, and then pull the housing off. Remove the thermostat and gasket, and clean the mounting area by wiping it with a shop rag.

Step 6 - Position the thermostat with a new gasket, and then put on the thermostat housing. Hold the housing in position, and hand-tighten it to secure it. Then tighten the bolts with the socket wrench.

Reattach the upper radiator hose, and tighten the clamp with the pliers. Replace the engine coolant drain plug, and replenish the cooling system using the funnel. Reconnect the negative battery cable, then start the engine to check for leaks.

TIPS: The Aveo factory thermostat housing is plastic; many owners report busted thermostat housings. Consider upgrading to a higher-quality housing.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Pliers, Socket wrench, Drain pan, Flat-head screwdriver, Shop rag, Replacement thermostat housing, Replacement thermostat gasket, Funnel

WARNINGS: Do not perform this procedure without replacing the thermostat gasket. It is unusable once removed. Observe all safety precautions. Because of extreme engine heat, the work can be dangerous if you take shortcuts.

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