How to Replace the Radiator in a 2001 Dodge Durango

Radiators need to be changed from time to time for wear and tear caused by debris striking the front of the vehicle while you are driving. Without a properly working radiator, your Durango's engine may seize up from the heat or other serious damage may occur. Almost anyone with a basic knowledge of the engine and components in the Dodge Durango can replace the radiator in about an hour's time.

Step 1 - Get under the radiator on your back and position the catch basin under the low radiator hose. Loosen the screw on the securing clamp using the flat-head screwdriver and pull the hose off the radiator. Drain the fluid into the catch basin.

Step 2 - Remove the bolts that secure the fan to the frame in front of the radiator using the 13 mm socket and the ratchet. Pull the belt off the fan and remove the fan from the engine compartment.

Step 3 - Disconnect the upper hose by loosening the screw on the securing clamp with the screwdriver and pulling the hose off the radiator. Remove the bolts securing the radiator to the frame using the 15 mm socket and the ratchet.

Step 4 - Pull the radiator from the engine compartment and set it aside. Slide the new radiator into the same position as the old one occupied and replace the bolt and hoses in the opposite order that you removed them.

Remove the cap from the top of the new radiator and pour a premixed 50/50 solution of radiator fluid into the new radiator and replace the cap.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Catch basin, Flat-head screwdriver, 13 mm socket, Ratchet, 15 mm socket, Radiator fluid

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