How to Replace the Serpentine Belt on a Lexus ES300

The serpentine belt on the Lexus ES300 is one complete belt that routes around all of the pulleys on the front of the engine.The serpentine belt controls all of the front engine accessories. The Lexus ES300 serpentine belt has ribs on the inside of the belt that travel inside the grooves on the pulleys. Once the serpentine belt starts to crack, it will need to be replaced.

Step 1 - Open the hood on the Lexus ES300 and look for the serpentine belt routing diagram. The diagram on the Lexus ES300 will show the serpentine belt being routed around all of the front pulleys. Use this diagram when routing the new serpentine belt around the pulleys. If you cant locate the serpentine belt routing diagram, take a pen and notepad and draw the exact routing diagram of the old serpentine belt.

Step 2 - Locate the serpentine belt tensioner on the front of the engine. The tensioner on the Lexus ES300 is located in the center of the engine. The tensioner has a pulley on one end that the serpentine belt is routed around and a spring-loaded arm on the other end. There is a 15mm bolt head in the center of the tensioner. You will rotate the tensioner from the 15mm bolt head.

Step 3 - Turn the tensioner counterclockwise with the 1/2-inch drive pull bar and the 15mm socket. Slide the serpentine belt off the tensioner pulley with your other hand. Release the tensioner.

Step 4 - Slide the belt off the remaining pulleys and remove the belt from the engine compartment.

Step 5 - Slide the new serpentine belt into the engine compartment and route the belt around the crankshaft pulley first. The crankshaft pulley is the big pulley on the bottom of the engine.

Step 6 - Route the new belt around the remaining pulleys as directed by the serpentine belt routing diagram. Leave the tensioner pulley for last.

Step 7 - Turn the tensioner counterclockwise with the ratchet and 15mm socket again. Slide the new belt over the top of the tensioner pulley and into the inside of the tensioner pulley. Release the tensioner and it will tighten the belt.

Step 8 - Inspect the new serpentine belt to make sure that it is inside all of the pulleys.

Start the Lexus ES300 and inspect the belt again to ensure that it stays inside all of the pulleys while the engine is running.

TIPS: The serpentine part number for a Lexus ES300 is: 2004-2006 Lexus ES300: BANDO- W0133-1633760, 2002-2009 Lexus ES300: BANDO- W0133-1626542, 1995-2000 Lexus ES300: BANDO- W0133-1628602, 1993-2005 Lexus ES300: BANDO- W0133-1631173

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Pen, Notepad, 1/2-inch drive pull bar, 15mm socket, New serpentine belt

WARNINGS: Always make sure that the serpentine belt is completely seated inside all the pulleys, or it will come off while you are driving and leave you stranded.

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