How to Replace the Spark Plugs in a HEMI 5.7

The spark plugs in a HEMI 5.7 engine need to be replaced every 30,000 miles. The spark plugs are what create the spark necessary to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. When the plugs go bad, you won't be able to start your HEMI. Replacement plugs can be purchased at any auto parts store. Once you have the new plugs, you'll need to know how to replace them.

Step 1 - Open the hood and pull one of the spark plug wires off of the top of the engine. Only work on one spark plug at a time.

Step 2 - Attach the socket extension to the spark plug socket and lower the socket into the engine.

Step 3 - Remove the spark plug by turning the socket counterclockwise with a socket wrench.

Step 4 - Pull the spark plug and socket out of the engine.

Step 5 - Pull the spark plug out of the spark plug socket.

Step 6 - Insert a new spark plug socket and thread it into the spark plug socket hole. Tighten the spark plug and replace the plug wire.

Repeat steps 1-5 for all spark plugs on the engine.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Spark plug socket, Socket wrench, Socket extension

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