How to Replace the Windshield Wiper on a 1988 Camaro Iroc RS

The wipers on a 1988 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc RS keep the windshield clean and improve visibility while driving. Rain and other adverse weather can make it difficult to see the road and if the wipers are worn, the glass can become streaked or smudged, compounding the problem. Replacement wiper blades are available at any auto parts stores, many department stores and some service stations.

Tools Used: Small flat screwdriver

Replace Windshield Wiper

Stand on the driver's side of the car and lift the driver's side wiper off the glass. Locate the locking tab in the center of the wiper blade. Lift the tab with a small, thin screwdriver, snapping it off the locking pin.

Slide the blade off the retaining pin and gently set the arm against the windshield and discard the old blade.

Lift the arm off the glass, slide the new blade onto the retaining pin and snap the locking tab over the pin. Push the pin down until it snaps into place. Lay the blade against the glass and move to the opposite side of the car and repeat the process.

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