How to Troubleshoot the Fuel System on a 1987 Lincoln Town Car

The 1987 Lincoln Town Car is a sedan whose fuel system can fall into disrepair. If you are experiencing problems starting or accelerating your Lincoln Town Car, you can troubleshoot the fuel system in your own driveway even if you are unfamiliar with auto inspection. You will not need to buy any tools, and should be able to examine your Town Car thoroughly within a few hours.

Tools Used: Ignition key, Fuse puller tool

Troubleshoot the Fuel System

Examine the gas pump fuse. Remove the cover of the fuse box, and take out the gas pump's fuse. You can do this with the fuse puller tool located inside the fuse panel. Make sure the metal strip inside the fuse panel is not damaged; if it is damaged, it will need to be replaced with a fuse of identical amperage.

Insert the ignition key into the ignition and turn to the "II" position. You should hear a slight purring sound. This sound is made by the relay for the gas pump energizing the fuel system. If you do not hear this purring sound, your fuel pump has probably failed. The fuel pump is located near the vehicle's rear and should be clearly audible. The fuel system is pressurized by the relay and pump assembly; if you do not hear it purring, the fuel system is not being pressurized and therefore will not provide fuel to the car's engine. If this is the case, you will need to have your car's relay and pump assembly replaced by a professional.

Start the engine and inspect the underside of the Town Car for leaks located anywhere from the hood of the car to the fuel tank. When the engine is running, the fuel system is pressurized; you should be able to see any gas leaking from the vehicle. If any gas is leaking, the gas lines will need to be fixed or replaced by a mechanic immediately.

Pop the hood of the Town Car. While the engine is engaged, examine the gas filter attached to the firewall. The gas filter is a small container into which the gas lines run from the engine. The gas lines can be followed all the way from the back of the Town Car to the filter. Make sure there are no leaks. Banjo bolts connect the gas lines to the filter; if they are weak or damaged, they can cause a gas leak. If this is the case, your local Lincoln dealership can replace the bolts. The filter itself may be the culprit; if it has over 30,000 miles on it, it will need to be replaced.

Notice how your Town Car runs at low RPM. If it hesitates when you push the pedal to the floor, the fuel injectors may need cleaning or the gas filter may need to be unclogged. Your local mechanic will be able to clean the fuel injectors and gas filter.

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