1988 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Take the Horn Out

The horn on the 1988 Jeep Cherokee Laredo is located on the right side of the grill, next to the radiator. The wires are hard-wired into the rear of the the horn, and the horn is mounted to the frame by one Phillips head screw. You will need basic tools to remove the horn. The project should take approximately fifteen minutes. You can remove the horn in your driveway or your garage.

Tools Used: 10 mm box wrench, Wire cutters, Phillips head screwdriver

Take the Horn Out

Loosen the securing nut on the negative battery cable, using the box wrench. Pull the cable off the battery.

Cut the wires on the rear of the horn, using the wire cutters. Remove the screw that secures the horn to the frame.

Pull the horn off the frame and out of the engine compartment. Store the horn in a clean, dry place, until later installment.

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