How to Replace the Exhaust Manifold on a 1988 Mazda RX-7

The exhaust manifold on the 1988 RX-7 might need to be removed if it is cracked or warped. This could happen after time, but usually happens when the car has been driven hard, such as in racing. Overheating the engine could also possibly cause it to warp, though that is rare. Because of the age of the vehicle, you might have to special order the exhaust manifold through the dealership or an aftermarket shop that specializes in RX-7s.

Tools Used: Set of sockets, Oxygen sensor socket, Anti-seize compound

Replace Exhaust Manifold

Disconnect the hot air duct from the exhaust manifold, if the RX-7 is carbureted. Disconnect the secondary air pipe assembly at the exhaust manifold, using the appropriate socket. Position the pipes out of the way.

Unplug the oxygen sensor wiring harness connector. Remove the oxygen sensor, using the oxygen sensor socket. If you do not have one, a 7/8-inch wrench should fit. Remove the insulator assembly from the exhaust manifold, using the socket.

Remove the nuts attaching the exhaust pipe or front catalytic converter, then pull the converter or pipe off the exhaust. Unbolt the exhaust manifold-to-engine retaining nuts, then remove the manifold and its gasket.

Slide a new gasket onto the mounting studs. Insert the new manifold into the engine compartment and slide it over the studs. Tighten the nuts on the studs, starting from the center and working out. Start in the center again, and retighten the nuts. Repeat once again.

Reconnect the exhaust pipe or front catalytic converter to the manifold, using a new gasket. Reinstall the insulator assembly. Install the fitting for the secondary air pipe assembly. Coat the oxygen sensor threads with anti-seize compound. Screw the oxygen sensor into the exhaust pipe, then plug in its electrical connector.

Reinstall the secondary air pipe assembly. Tighten the retaining brackets and clamps. Reconnect the air duct to the insulator assembly.

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