1989 Chevrolet Van 350 Belt Installation Instructions

The fan belt in your 1989 Chevrolet van connects the radiator fan and the alternator to the crankshaft pulley. As the crankshaft pulley turns, a drive belt turns the fan and alternator at the same time, which helps keep the van's engine cool and it helps to keep the battery charged. When changing the fan belt, you also replace the belt for the alternator.

Tools Used: Socket set, Crow bar

Belt Installation

Park the van and turn off the ignition. Let the engine cool. Raise and secure its hood. Loosen the alternator bolt on top of the alternator, as well as the alternator pivot bolt, located on the bottom of the alternator, using a socket and ratchet. Loosen the bolts, do not remove them.

Push down on the alternator to release tension on the drive belt.

Remove the old belt from the alternator pulley, crankshaft pulley and the fan pulley. Place the new belts on the three pulleys, following the belt-routing diagram located in the engine compartment, near the hood latch.

Pull up on the alternator to remove slack from the drive belt.

Place a crow bar between the alternator mounting bracket and the bottom of the alternator. Push down on the handle to push the alternator up to tighten the drive belt.

Tighten the alternator bolt and the alternator pivot bolt while pushing down on the crow bar.

Close the vehicle's hood.

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