1989 Dodge Caravan Front Motor Mount Replacement

The most common mount to fail on an 1989 Dodge Caravan is the passenger-side upper motor mount. This is called an anchor mount, since it is one of the main supports for the engine and it takes the biggest load of the torque. There is also a lower front, a rear mount and a transmission mount. The transmission mount is on top of the transmission on the opposite side. The front mount is not a particularly hard part to replace, although caution has to observed, as the engine will need to be lifted a bit under the oil pan, and you do not want to bend or dent it.

Tools Used: Set of 3/8-inch drive sockets, Ratchet, Set of ½-inch drive sockets, 12-inch extension, Set of metric wrenches, Floor jack

Replace Front Motor Mount

Position the floor jack under the engine oil pan using a piece of wood between the jack and the pan. Raise the jack just enough to give support to the engine. Remove the through-bolt located on the frame. If the bolt is difficult to take out, raise the jack slightly.

Remove the nut that is on the bottom of the engine side of the mount. It is located in a vertical position below the horizontal bolt on the engine side. This nut must be removed from beneath the car and in between the engine and frame. Look straight up from the center of the crankshaft pulley and you will see the nut. You will need a long extension to reach it with the limited room.

Raise the engine until the motor mount that was attached to the frame is no longer resting on the frame and all weight is off the center bridge from the frame mount to the engine. Remove the horizontal through-bolt at the engine side of the mount. Lift the mount up until the vertical threads are free of the motor plate and remove the mount.

Install the new mount by placing the vertical stud in first, then lowering the mount straight down. Install the bottom vertical nut first in the same way it was removed. Install the horizontal bolt and nut on the engine side of the mount.

Lower the jack in small increments until the horizontal bolts slides through the hole in the frame mount, and tighten the corresponding nut. Lower and remove the jack.

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