How to Change the Blower Motor on a 1988 Dodge Dakota

The device responsible for blowing cool and hot air into the cabin of your 1988 Dodge Dakota is the blower motor. However, your blower motor is also responsible for circulating the the hot and cool air of your Dakota's engine. The blower motor's fan helps protect your truck's freezing and overheating critical points. By distributing and pushing air through the ducts of your vehicle, the blower motor is releasing pressure and air harmful to your engine, while also heating or cooling you. Occasionally, blower motors will go bad and must be replaced.

Tools Used: Flat head screwdriver, Socket wrench set, Replacement blower motor

Change Blower Motor

Pop the hood of your 1988 Dodge Dakota. Prop the hood so it will not fall.

Disconnect the black negative cable on your Dakota's battery. Use the socket wrench set to loosen the bolt and slide the clamp completely off your battery.

Locate the blower motor. Your blower motor can be found underneath the instrument panel on the passenger side of your truck.

Remove the plastic molding under the passenger-side portion of your instrument panel. Use a flat head screwdriver and carefully pry the molding free.

Disconnect the blower motor's electrical connector plug. The plug can be pulled free with your hands and is found on the side of the blower motor unit.

Remove the blower motor. Use your socket wrench set and remove the two bolts holding the blower motor in its mount.

Bolt the replacement blower motor into place. Use your socket wrench set and the bolts removed in Step 6 to securely fasten the blower motor into place.

Attach the electrical connector plug to your replacement blower motor. Pop your passenger-side plastic molding back on to cover the blower motor.

Connect the black negative cable to your Dakota's battery. Securely fasten the clamp by tightening the bolt with your socket wrench set.

Remove your Dakota's hood prop. Shut the hood of your truck.

Tips & Warnings

Test the newly installed replacement blower motor. Adjustments may need to be made with the blower motor fan screw on the top of the unit.

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