How to Program a CTS Keyless Entry Remote

Cadillac CTS remote entry systems are programmed from the car's driver information center, and allow remote access to your vehicle's door locks, engine starter, panic alarm and trunk opener. Programming can be done from anywhere with your vehicle and ignition key, and requires no previous knowledge. You can program your remotes in just minutes and have them ready for use with your Cadillac right away.

Step 1 - Enter your vehicle with your keyless remote and insert your key into the ignition. Turn the key to the "On" position.

Step 2 - Press the vehicle information button on your center display until it reads, "Press to Relearn Remote Key."

Step 3 - Press the set/reset button on the driver's information center until the display reads, "Remote Key Learning Active."

Step 4 - Press and hold the unlock and lock buttons on the keyless remote that you are programming for 15 seconds and release the buttons when a chime sounds, indicating successful programming.

Repeat step 4 for any additional remotes and turn the key back to the "Off" position and remove it to end the programming sequence.

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