How to Program a Remote for a 2002 Ford Taurus

Keyless entry has become a feature drivers have come to find it hard to live without. The 2002 Ford Taurus came equipped with standard keyless entry on all models except for the base LX trim level. Every other 2002 Taurus, including the SE and SES, came with a keyless remote package. If you have to replace the battery in your Taurus or in the remote, it is possible for the remote to lose its program. Fortunately, Ford makes programming a keyless remote simple.

Step 1 - Get in the driver's seat of your Taurus and shut all of the doors. Examine the ignition to understand the different key positions. (1) is off, (2) is lock, (3) is off and (4) is on.

Step 2 - Insert the key into the ignition and switch to the (2) position. Turn it to the (3) position and quickly toggle back and forth from (3) and (4) eight times. Leave the key in the (4) position the eighth time. You must complete the procedure within eight seconds.

Step 3 - Listen for the doors to lock and unlock to confirm that you have entered the programming mode. Press the "lock" button on the keyless remote to program it. Turn the key to the (3) position for 20 seconds to complete the programming.

Repeat the entire procedure to program up to four keyless remotes for your Ford Taurus.

TIPS: A keyless remote can only be programmed to a Taurus originally equipped with keyless entry. If your Taurus did not come from the factory with keyless entry, you will need to install an aftermarket unit. These instructions will ford on any year model Ford Taurus and most other Ford vehicles.

WARNINGS: If your battery is replaced or drains down, you may have to reprogram the remote.

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