How to Remove the Window Motors on a 1988 GMC Jimmy

The 1988 GMC Jimmy uses a scissors-type window regulator, which is not spring-loaded, and which must be removed in order to replace the window motor. The regulator has three rollers: Two of the rollers are located in the window channel, attached to the bottom of the window and to the lower regulator roller, which is located in a channel on the door frame.

Tools Used: Phillips screwdriver, Common screwdriver, ¼-inch drive ratchet, Set of ¼-inch drive sockets, Rubber door stop, or screwdriver with a rubber handle

Remove Window Motors

Remove the Phillips screws located in the armrest area, using the Phillips screwdriver. Insert the common screwdriver between the door panel and the door, at the lower rear corner. Slide it up, until it contacts one of the trim fasteners. Pry the fastener out of the door, then slide it up to the next fastener (and so on, until all the fasteners are out on all three sides of the panel).

Lift the panel up to clear the door lock on the top of the sill, then pull the panel back, far enough to disconnect the electrical connectors. Disconnect the electrical connectors. Peel the moisture shield back to expose the regulator.

Wedge the window in the up position, so that it cannot fall when the regulator is removed; do this by placing the wedge between the window and door frame. Remove the electrical connector from the window motor.

Remove the securing bolts and nuts from the window regulator, using the appropriate socket. Push the regulator forward, sliding the top roller out of the window channel. Push the regulator rearward, sliding the other roller out of the window channel.

Slide the regulator, removing the lower roller out of the channel on the door. Collapse the window channel and remove it, together with the motor, from the door. Unbolt and replace the window motor on the regulator. Install the motor and the regulator in reverse order of the removal process.

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