How to Remove the Alternator on a 1988 Goldwing

The alternator on your 1988 Goldwing converts mechanical energy in to electrical energy which can be used to power your bike. Gaining access to the alternator on your '88 Goldwing can be a difficult process and requires first removing the left engine bracket. Completing the entire alternator removal process is a job that will take an afternoon to complete. You can purchase all the tools you need for the job from your local parts store.

Tools Used: Drain pan, Socket wrench, Allen wrench

Remove the Alternator

Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts which fix the left engine bracket in place. Carefully move the bracket slightly out of position to gain access to the alternator.

Locate the alternator on the left hand side of your Honda Goldwing. Use your socket wrench to remove the mounting bolts attached to the exhaust. Lift the exhaust out of the way to gain access to the alternator cover. The alternator can be found near the rotor on your motorcycle, at the end of the crankshaft. The alternator is cylindrical device which contains a magnetic stator coil fixed to the inside of the housing.

Place a drain pan directly beneath the motor. Use a wrench to remove the drain plug from the motor and drain the oil in to the pan.

Use your hands to carefully pull the wiring for the alternator away from the motorcycles wiring harness. The wiring harness can be found in the center of the Goldwing near the battery, underneath the bike seat.

Remove the bolts which hold the alternator cover in place using a socket wrench. Use an allen wrench to remove the bolts which hold the magnetic stator in place. The stator can be found around the outer rim of the alternator. Remove the stator from the engine and place it to one side, away from the engine.

Using the socket wrench, remove the mounting bolts which fix the flywheel rotor in place. Slide the rotor off the crankshaft to complete the removal process.

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