How to Replace the Head Gasket on a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro

Produced by General Motors under the Chevrolet brand, the big block Camaro is considered a muscle car. The V-8 engine options for the 1989 model are powerful yet relatively simple to work on. The head gasket plays a very important role in making your car to run smooth and efficient. It should be replaced every time it fails. If you have basic auto repair knowledge, the process of replacing the head gasket on the Camaro is simple and straightforward.

Tools Used: Safety glasses, Automotive wrench set, Screwdriver set, Socket set

Replace Head Gasket

Drain the oil from the engine block. Remove the intake manifold and the exhaust manifolds using the socket set. Unscrew the alternator lower mounting bolt and position alternator aside. Make sure you don't damage the harness connector.

Take out the dipstick tube and the bracket. If your Camaro is equipped with air conditioning, remove the compressor and forward mounting bracket and set them aside.

Remove power steering pump and bracket using the socket set and set them aside. Remove the rocker arm cover, rocker arms and push rods. Keep the rocker arm, rocker arm balls and push rods in order so they can be installed in the same position after you replace the head gasket.

Remove the diverter valve, if equipped. Unscrew the cylinder head bolts and take out the cylinder head. Remove the old head gasket. Reinstall the various removed parts in reverse order. Apply suitable sealer to cylinder head bolts and gradually torque the bolts to 69 foot-pounds in three phases.

Tips & Warnings

Disconnect the negative battery cable before performing any maintenance work on your engine, to prevent electrical shock or accidental starting.

Clean all dirt, debris and coolant from the engine block cylinder head bolt holes. Failure to do this may result in damaged threads, improperly tightened fasteners or damage to components.

As of 2011, the OEM part number for the head gasket for a 1989 Camaro is 10105115 and the recommended price is $38.

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