How to Troubleshoot the Air Conditioning in a Dodge Ram

The air conditioning in your Dodge car cools the cabin when it is hot outside. The AC system uses a compressor to compress a refrigerant and then pushes that cold air into the passenger cabin with a fan. When this system breaks you may need to replace your air conditioning components. However, before you do that, troubleshoot the problems.

Start the truck and adjust the air from low to high and back down again. Listen for the blower motor. The noise should increase when turned higher and decrease when turned lower. The blower motor will be a black cylinder-shape with a white plastic bowl-like piece on top. Unplug the electrical connector and remove it.

Look at the compressor in front of the engine with the belt to make sure it is quiet. Find the compressor by going to the driver's side engine compartment.

Find the two hoses, one small and one larger, coming from the firewall. Follow them back toward the car and you will find the compressor.

Adjust the temperature controls to make sure they are working correctly. The dials should have the proper amount of resistance. If these are not working correctly, it may be a fuse problem.

Locate the fuse box by opening the driver's side door and prying off the panel near the steering wheel with a screwdriver. Remove the fuse with pliers and replace with a fuse of equal wattage to avoid damaging the electrical system.

Check to make sure the dome lights and graphics display are working properly. If they are not, then it may be a control panel problem. Get to the control panel in a Dodge Ram by removing the center instrument bezel. The control panel is directly underneath. Detach the cables and pull it out.

Items you will need: Pliers, Screwdriver

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