1989 Ford Mustang HID Installation Instructions

High intensity headlights (HID) are a great aftermarket upgrade to any car, especially muscle cars like the Ford Mustangs. HID lights are essentially Klieg lights for your car and let you see farther and it uses less energy then normal halogen light. Mustangs are easy cars to work on because muscle cars were always intended to be tuned up by their owners. The Ford Mustang is the lightest of the muscle cars and can deliver M3 like performance at half the price.

Tools Used: HID light kit

HID Installation

Angle the Mustang so that the front of the car has the most room around it. Put the car into Park and then pull the parking brake up so that it does not move. Make sure the lights are off before you switch the Mustang off. Pull the hood release latch and prop it up with the hood prop stick.

Press down on the friction tabs on either side of the right headlight box.Pull off the wiring harness from the plastic cover. Then pull off the plastic weather cover by hand and place it to the side. Unclip the retaining clips from the side of the headlight bulb and pull the bulb out.

Plug the wiring harness into the HID voltage regulator module. Then plug the regulator module onto the back of the weather cover. Then place the HID light into the inside of the weather cover. Slide the weather cover into place until the friction clips click on either side. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the left headlight and then start the Mustang to check if they work.

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