1987 Honda Accord Thermostat Installation and Removal Schematics

You do not need the thermostat installation and removal schematics for the 1987 Honda Accord if you need to replace the thermostat because the process for locating, removing and replacing the thermostat is relatively straightforward. Schematics can be hard to read, whereas locating the thermostat is as simple as following the upper radiator hose to the location where the hose mounts to the engine. The hose mounts to the "water outlet," and the thermostat rests inside the water outlet.

Tools Used: Drainage pan, Pliers, Socket set, Ratchet, Towel, Funnel

Thermostat Installation & Removal Schematics

Place a drain pan under the petcock on the bottom of the radiator, open the petcock with a pair of pliers and drain the contents of the radiator into the drain pan. Close the petcock with the pliers once drained.

Remove the two bolts that secure the lid of the water outlet housing to the lower part of the housing with a socket and ratchet. Lift the lid off the lower housing.

Pull the old thermostat out of the lower half of the housing and place the new thermostat into the housing. The thermostat has a spring on one end of it. That end of the thermostat rests in the lower half of the housing.

Lift the old gasket off the lower half of the housing. Clean the mating surfaces of the lower housing and the housing lid with a clean towel.

Place a new thermostat gasket onto the mating surface of the lower part of the housing and then place the lid onto the gasket. Secure both with the bolts.

Remove the radiator cap located on the top of the radiator. Place a funnel into the filler spout and drain the coolant back into the radiator.

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