How to Improve the Gas Mileage on an Equinox AWD

Reduce any excess weight your crossover is carrying. Tempting as it may be to store items in the trunk, seriously consider whether or not the things you are keeping there need to be toted on your daily runs. Although keeping a cargo rack on top may be more convenient than taking it down and putting it back up each time you need it, every bit of extra weight impacts the amount of fuel your car requires to run. Decreasing the weight in the car allows your motor to work more effectively without depleting its gas tank.

Change your air filter on a regular basis. Clean air filters allow your Equinox's engine to use gas more efficiently. When the filter can "breathe," the correct balance of air combines with fuel to allow the engine to run smoothly. A dirty air filter forces more gasoline to be used to help the motor work harder at taking in a sufficient amount of air.

Accelerate slowly and steadily while driving. Sudden, forceful thrusts of the gas pedal causes a huge amount of gasoline to be burned unnecessarily. Although such speed tactics may accomplish fast motion, the ultimate result is likely to be an inconvenient trip to the gas station. As with any vehicle, your crossover's engine can last much longer when it is not being continuously stressed and requiring huge amounts of gasoline to accommodate an impatient driver.

Reconsider air conditioning. Although hot days may make the fuel cost worth the cool-down, keep in mind that your Equinox's air conditioning requires gasoline to operate. This may seem like an inevitable situation, since rolling down the windows also uses more gasoline by creating an aerodynamic "dragging" effect. However, cracking the windows may be the middle-of-the-road solution to otherwise costly fuel users.

Drive on the highway, when there is an option. While the highway tolls of some locations may seem inconvenient, the stop and go traffic of cities and towns by far creates a greater gas mileage expense. Using your Equinox's cruise control at a steady speed on the highway may not only get you to your destination faster, but it is easier on the engine. When the engine is not working as hard at braking and accelerating, it uses a minimal amount of gasoline to run effectively.

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