How to Increase the Fuel Mileage of a Diesel Truck

Perform regular, general maintenance on your diesel truck. This simply involves checking your tires to ensure they are properly inflated, and checking your engine oil and transmission fluid. When it's time to change your oil, switch over to a high quality synthetic because this will decrease friction and thereby enable your engine to run more efficiently. Change out your regular transfer case and differential oil with a good synthetic as well.

Install a diesel performance module on your truck. A performance module, or chip, will essentially reprogram your diesel engine and allow it run more efficiently. This increase in efficiency will not only translate into more power, it will also mean greater fuel mileage. In a test conducted by Truck World, one diesel truck gained a 16 percent improvement in fuel mileage after the installation of a diesel performance chip.

Equip your diesel truck with a performance-based exhaust system. Oftentimes, the exhaust system placed on your truck by the manufacturer is not designed for power or fuel efficiency, but rather basic functionality. A performance exhaust is usually wider in diameter, meaning your truck has to work less to expel the exhaust. As your engine works less, it saves fuel and even gains in power.

Replace your original air filter with a high quality, high performance air filter. This new filter will increase both the flow of air and the quality of air to your engine. In turn, your engine will be able to run more smoothly. Once again, a diesel engine that is running smoothly is saving fuel.

Drive your diesel-powered truck sensibly. Installing new parts on your truck will help fuel mileage, but they can only go so far. As the driver, you have control over how efficiently your truck operates. Simply put, obey the posted speed limit and do not drive aggressively. Do not slam on your brakes at the last moment. Also avoid extremely rapid acceleration.

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