1988 Buick Coil Pack Removal Instructions

The distributorless ignition system featured in the 1988 Buick V-6 engine used a "Type One" coil pack mounted on top of the ignition module. This design contained three integrated coils, each firing a pair of cylinders, contained in a single coil pack housing. Unlike the later "Type Two" design, this design required the replacement of all three coils as a unit when one of the coils failed. Removal and replacement of the coil pack is a project the average home mechanic can accomplish in less than an hour.

Tools Used: Socket set, Dielectric grease

Coil Pack Removal

Turn the engine off. Disconnect the negative battery cable using an 8 mm wrench to remove the battery bolt and cable from the side of the battery. Lay the cable aside to avoid accidental contact with the battery post.

Locate the coil pack. In the Buick vehicles of this model year the coil is mounted on top of the engine near the firewall or on top of the engine near the passenger side of the front valve cover. Mark and unplug the spark plug wires using a paint pen or other suitable marking compound. Twist the plug wire ends as you pull them from the coil pack to avoid damage to the wire.

Remove the six 7 mm screws that bolt the coil pack to the ignition module using a socket and ratchet. Lift the module off the alignment pins on the module

Mark the location of each of the six wires located between the coil pack and the module. Unplug the coil pack wires from the bottom of the old coil pack and remove the coil pack. Plug the wires onto the spade-type connectors on the bottom of the new coil pack

Set the coil pack onto the alignment pins and reinstall the screws. Reinstall the plug wires and reconnect the negative battery cable.

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