How to Change the Light Bulbs on a 1988 Buick Reatta

The Buick Reatta was manufactured by General Motors between 1988 and 1991. The two-seater sports car developed quite a following and many of these vehicles are still around being taken care of by devoted fans of the car. Owning an older collectible car means having to constantly consider the maintenance and upkeep. One job that even a novice can manage is replacing a burned-out headlight, brake light or reverse light bulb.

Tools Used: Headlight replacement bulb #H6054ST, Brake light replacement bulb #2057, Reverse light replacement bulb #1156

Change Light Bulb

Park the Reatta on a flat, level surface. Pop the hood and proceed to the back side of the burned out light bulb. At the rear of the light assembly, locate the access panel. Depress the clips and remove the plastic cover to access the light-assembly box.

Unplug the electrical cord originating from the light assembly. This connects the light to the Reatta's electrical system. With the cord unplugged from the light assembly you should be able to pull the assembly out a few inches, allowing you to reach the burned-out light bulb.

Turn the burned-out bulb to the left while applying slight pressure to loosen it from the socket. Remove the bulb and insert the replacement bulb. Turn the replacement to the right to securely lock it in place.

Push the light assembly back in place and plug in the cord. Snap the access panel plastic cover back in place and close the hood.

Tips & Warnings

Additional exterior replacement bulbs for a Buick Reatta include:

Parking light 2057A

Front turn signal 890

Rear turn signal 205

High mount stop light 577 & 89

License plate 19

Always apply the emergency break before working on an automobile.

The car should not be running while you are changing the headlights.

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