1989 Chevrolet Truck Troubleshoot Electric Windows

If the electric windows on your 1989 Chevrolet truck are malfunctioning, you could either have a blown fuse or a bad regulator. Both can be resolved by simply replacing the faulty component. The fuse is located in the underhood fuse-block of the engine compartment and can be replaced in a matter of minutes. The regulator will take a lot longer, as you must take apart the door to access the regulator. Although it is a lengthy procedure, replacing the automatic window regulator is a straightforward task.

Tools Used: Socket wrench, Phillips screwdriver, Flat-head screwdriver, Replacement 30A fuse, Replacement regulator

Troubleshoot Electric Windows

Replacing the Automatic Window Regulator

Disconnect the truck's battery, removing the black ground terminal from the battery with a socket wrench.

Uninstall the window handle. Press against the door panel using a flat-head screwdriver to remove the handle's retaining clip. Pull the handle off the door. In a similar fashion, pry off the door locking panel and the truck's armrest. Pry out the electrical switch panel and disconnect it before pulling it off the door.

Remove the 10 clips around the edge of the door with a slotted screwdriver. Be careful when removing the last clip as once it is removed, the door will become loose. Support the door while removing the last clip and then slowly remove it from the vehicle. Be sure to disconnect the two electrical connectors from the door before pulling it out.

Remove the water-shield by peeling it off the door. Slide the window off the front roller and, carefully, place it in a safe location.

Remove the old regulator by uninstalling its security bolts. Disconnect the electrical connector from the regulator and pull it off the door. Place the new regulator on the door and install the bolts and nuts to secure it. Connect the electrical connector to the new regulator.

Place the window back onto the front roller and reattach the water shield. Reinstall the door trim and reattach the window handle, armrest, door locking panel and the electrical switch panel. Reconnect the battery.

Fuse Replacement

Turn off the truck and open the hood.

Use a slotted screwdriver to pry off the cover from the fuse block.

Remove the fuse labeled "ACC/IGN." This is the window regulator fuse.

Install a replacement 30A fuse and reattach the fuse cover. Close the hood.

Tips & Warnings

Be very careful not to drop the window as it is very fragile and can shatter easily.

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