2000 Jaguar XJ8 Power Windows Removal & Installation

 XJ8, XJR, XK8 & XKR

The door windows are controlled by Driver Door Control Module (DDCM) with input from switches located on driver door armrests. When passenger windows are operated from driver door switches, the DDCM transmits a Standard Corporate Protocol (SCP) message to selected door control module. Pressing a passenger window switch inputs directly to selected door control module. Pressing rear portion of window switch will lower window, while pressing front of switch will raise window.

One-touch open is a feature of the power window system. If a window switch is pressed for 50-250 milliseconds, the window will open fully. If switch is held longer than 250 milliseconds, window will stop at position it is in when switch is released.

To protect power window motors, a thermal cut-out (circuit breaker) operates if system is overloaded. If circuit breaker is overheated, it will require about 5 seconds to reset before system will operate again. Window switch must be released to enable circuit breaker to reset.

On XK8 convertible models, door windows will lower 0.47" (12 mm) when door opens or top is lowered, and will raise fully when door is closed and top is raised and latched. Rear quarter windows will lower completely when top is lowered, and will not be allowed to raise until top is raised.


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