How to Change the Brakes on a 1988 Volvo 240 DL

Volvo has been making cars in Sweden since 1927. The Volvo 240 series has six different models. The 240 DL is a sedan, while the 240 GL was a wagon version. The 1988 Volvo 240 DL braking system consists of 4 disc brakes front and rear -- ventilated front disc brakes and solid rear disc brakes. The ventilated discs have fins in the center that allow faster cool-down to prevent brake fade.

Tools Used: Car jack, Jack stands, Tire iron, Torque wrench, Tire chocks, Needle nose pliers, Ratchet set, Standard screw driver, Piece of wire

Change the Brakes

Start with the front end first. Loosen the lug nuts with a tire iron prior to raising the front end. Also chock the rear tires with wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Raise the front end and then continue removing the lug nut with the tire iron and remove the tire.

Remove the hairpin-like locking clips for the guide pins with needle nose pliers. While holding the dampening spring in place with the needle nose pliers pull out one of two retaining pins. Then remove the dampening spring and the other retaining pin.

Take out the pads using needle nose pliers.

Depress the pistons with a screw driver, being careful not to break the dust cover to install the new pads. This might overflow the brake fluid receptacle. Install the new pads in the caliper. This process is the same for front and rear pads. Do this in the reverse of the removal of the pads.

Inspect the brake rotor. Remove the brake caliper nuts and hang the caliper with piece of wire in the nearest convenient place. Do not disconnect the brake line.

Unscrew the front disc hub securing screws and remove the disc by pulling It off. Take the brakes to the nearest automotive mechanic to have the rotor machined. Follow these steps for the front rotors only. The process for the rear brakes differs.

Remove the caliper from the rear disc by unbolting it. Remove the clip that secures the rigid brake line to the rear axle assembly and, without bending the rigid line, pull the caliper away from the disc and hang it with a piece of wire.

Insert a standard screwdriver into the adjuster hole in the handbrake drum and release the shoe adjustment. Unscrew and remove the two retaining screws and then pull off the rotor and take the rotor to be machined. Reverse the process for the installation of the rotors.

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