How to Clean the Throttle Body on a 1988 Ford Mustang

Tools Used: 

1-can fuel injector cleaner

2-large cotton swabs or 1/2-inch foam paint brush

3/8-inch drive ratchet and socket set


Pop the hood and remove the air filter housing lid from the air filter box.

Remove the engine side of the air intake tube, using a 3/8-inch drive ratchet and socket. Remove the detached air intake tube and box lid from the vehicle completely

Shake well and spray a small portion of aerosol fuel injector cleaner on a large cotton swab. You can also use a 1/2-inch foam paint brush.

Push the throttle body door open, using your fingers. Wipe the entire throttle body tube clear, using your cotton swab or paint brush. The paint brush will last the duration of this project. Apply more solvent as needed to your wiping utensil until you feel it is cleaned.

Reinstall the air intake tube at the engine, and tighten between 20 to 25 foot-pounds of torque to secure. Reattach the air filter box lid, only after tightening the air intake tube to the engine.

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