How to Improve the Gas Mileage in a Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado is a full-size pickup truck produced by General Motors. Silverado was the third-highest-selling vehicle in the U.S. for the first half of 2009. As of the 2010 model year, Silverado has one of the highest fuel economy ratings in its class, averaging up to 21 miles per gallon on the highway. However, your actual gas mileage will depend on how you drive and maintain your Silverado. There are several steps you can take to increase your average miles per gallon and ensure that you are getting the best gas mileage possible.

Step 1 - Use the recommended grade of motor oil. According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using the recommended weight of motor oil can increase fuel economy up to 2 percent.

Step 2 - Keep the tires inflated to the proper air pressure; tires that have too much or too little air pressure will result in decreased fuel economy. The appropriate air pressure depends on the type and size of tires you have on your Silverado. Consult your tire manufacturer to determine the proper level of air pressure.

Step 3 - Take your Silverado in for a tune-up and perform all recommended service at the mileage recommended in your owner's manual. A properly maintained engine burns less gas than a dirty or improperly tuned engine.

Step 4 - Accelerate at a slower rate. Mashing on the gas pedal causes your engine to burn fuel at a faster rate, resulting in less fuel efficiency.

Step 5 - Adhere to all posted speed limits. According to fueleconomy.gov, gas mileage decreases significantly at speeds over 60 mph.

Step 6 - Remove excess items from the bed of your Silverado. Heavier cars use more gas, because the engine must work harder.

Turn off your engine instead of idling for long periods of time. When you idle, the engine is burning gas, even though you're not going anywhere.

WARNINGS: Do not drive with your tailgate down. This can actually decrease gas mileage and is illegal in some states.

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