How to Install Serpentine Belt on a 1989 Chevrolet Pickup

The serpentine belt on a 1989 Chevrolet pickup is one complete belt that is designed to control all of the accessories on the front of the engine. These accessories include the alternator, the air conditioner compressor, the power steering pump and the water pump. Once the belt starts to wear out, it will need to be replaced before it breaks. Inspect the serpentine belt on a regular basis.

Tools Used: Notepad, Pen, 3/8 inch drive ratchet, Socket set, New belt

Install Serpentine Belt

Open the hood of the pickup and locate the serpentine belt routing diagram. The serpentine belt diagram on 1989 Chevrolet pickups is located on the top of the fan shroud. If you cant find the belt diagram, take the notepad and pen and draw out the exact routing direction of the old belt.

Locate the serpentine belt tensioner. The belt tensioner on 1989 Chevrolet pickups has a pulley on one end and a spring loaded arm on the other end. The belt tensioner is located on the front of the engine. The belt tensioner also has a bolt head in the center of the pulley. Use the 3/8 inch drive ratchet and a socket to relieve the tension on the belt.

Turn the belt tensioner counter-clockwise to relieve the tension on the belt. Slide the belt off of the belt tensioner pulley.

Remove the serpentine belt from the remaining pulleys. Pull the belt out of the engine compartment.

Route the new belt around the bottom crankshaft pulley first. Then route the belt around the other pulleys as directed by the belt diagram. Leave the belt tensioner pulley for last.

Turn the belt tensioner counter-clockwise and slide the new belt onto the belt tensioner pulley. Release the belt tensioner.

Inspect the serpentine belt to make sure that it is completely seated inside of the pulleys. Then crank the engine.

Inspect the serpentine belt as the engine is running to make sure that it stays seated in the pulleys. Turn the engine off.

Tips & Warnings

The serpentine belt part number for 1989 Chevrolet truck models is: DAYCO- Serpentine Belt-50610

Always remove the keys from the ignition in case of accidental cranking.

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